Welcome to Southern Labrador Rescue

Hampshire, Sussex, Surrey & Kent

We manage the rescue and re-homing of pure bred and cross bred Labradors across the Southern Counties. Rescue can become necessary for a number of reasons; the break-up of the owners’ relationship, change in financial circumstances, inability to cope with an animal, or even that the dog was an unexpected gift.

Our Duty

We check the animal's condition, health, temperament and it's suitability for re-homing in different environments. We take great care to match the dog to their new owners and homes. To ensure success we carry out an assessment visit for all potential new adoption and foster homes. Follow-up visits are made to ensure the animal has settled suitably and check if the new keepers need any further advice or help.

Note: All dogs homed by us will be microchipped to comply with current UK legislation. Where an animal is already chipped, their details updated by us prior to rehoming.

Your Duty

As with all major animal rescue groups, a declaration has to be signed by new keepers, the main point being that the animal is not to be used for breeding. Spaying or neutering is therefore recommended and this has a further advantage in preventing various conditions in later life.


This charity is funded solely by donations, fund raising events, bequests, etc. and all members of the Charity offer their services and time at no cost. We have the support of qualified veterinary help as and when required. For more information please get in touch.

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